Mom says I'm a Keeper - shown here at age 13

 Chinai's Not For Sale


Sire: Int. & Biss Champion Chinai's Extra Special R.O.M.

Dam: Ch. Chinai's Tangoroo

Keeper was aptly named by our neighbor and friend La Donna Brown.

Keeper was just about 8-9 weeks old at the time. 

La Donna and Jim had 2 Chinai kids of their own and they knew how to recognize a good specimen of the breed when they saw one!

Keeper lived up to her name in every way.

She had a delightful, sweet and loving disposition.

She was the full sister to Champion Wanda and  Champion Pumpkin. 

She was also litter mate to Naughty (pointed Breed winner and Champion producer)

She was the mother of Driver who was a champion producer with 13 points of his own. 

 Keeper's son Driver passed down more "Easy Keepers" just as she was.

 All have her wonderful coat texture and that same truly delightful temperament. 

Keeper's great grandson is Java. 

He too, is a stunningly beautiful dog with the sweetest temperament just like Keeper and Driver his dad. 

He produced Ch.Chinai's Show Me, a Keeper great great grandson and a Dolly great great grandson as well. 

(see below*) . 


Our friend Rick made this touching video of  Keeper as a tribute. 

Tribute to Keeper

Keeper at 13 with her daughter Fuzzy

Keeper in her gorgeous deep red and white coat with her precious daughter "Fuzzy" whom she adored. 


Everyone asked if Keeper was a champion and why I didn't show her.

I never showed her because she carried her tail on the "wrong" side -even though technically there is no "wrong" side.

Tangoroo often did this as well and it cost her several times in the show ring. 

Tangoroo and Keeper were very similar in temperament and type.

Keeper and Wanda, Tango mom, were full sisters from different breedings.

Standard: Tail: high set and carried gaily over the back


In 2009 we lost 

Chinai's Unmistakable.

AKA "Dolly"

She and Keeper were only 6 days apart in age had been best friends their entire lives. 

They moved with us at 3 months of age from Oregon to Arizona in the motor home. 


Keeper and Dolly 

Chinai's Not For Sale (Keeper) and Chinai's Unmistakable (Dolly)

Best Friends 

They were both related - dad's were half brothers, Megabucks and Beau and mom's went back tour Starlord. 

Both of the girls were so very loving, eager to please and intelligent. 

They shared just about everything and loved everyone.

They live on together now, through their progeny Java and Ch. Show Me. 

So too they are sharing this page. 


Dolly loved every puppy she ever laid eyes on and often got into the nest when new moms would be out taking a break.

She would wash them and adore them. She did this until the very last. 

She climbed in her last puppy nest at age 16 to cuddle and love little Katy. 


Pedigrees available upon request.

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