Chinai Shih Tzu ARE Extra Special 

and here's a few reasons why 


They are Clearly the best 


because we are now working on our seventh generation of  clear (normal) dogs. 


All of the dogs/bitches in our breeding program have been fully tested for 5 generations. 

These dogs were X-rayed for OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America - certified hips) 

They all have CERF (canine eye registration foundation) clear eyes, free from genetic eye diseases. 

They were all tested clear of kidney, liver, thyroid, and von Willebrandís disease.

  (vWF is a blood clotting disorder that can be potentially fatal.)


Clearly exceptional health

Clearly exceptional temperament

Clearly exceptional beauty

Clearly exceptional structure

Clearly exceptional conformation

Clearly exceptional movement

Clearly and honestly tested

Clearly the right choice


Chinai Shih Tzu represents the highest standard


We now celebrate 30 years devoted to healthy, happy, structurally and mentally sound dogs.

 Our emphasis has always been on health and longevity. 

Our top priority has always been responsible discriminative breeding with the best intentions and highest purpose in mind.  

Three to five generations fully tested dogs on all sides of our pedigrees.

 We now have seven generations of homebred and owner handled show dogs including: 

AKC Champions, CACIB International Champion, Group Winner, Registry of Merit (Top Producer), 

Best in Specialty Show, Several Specialty Winners, Champion Producers, Several Best Brace in Show wins.


Please note: 

We don't sell dogs to the general public. 

We don't sell to internet shoppers. 

This is mainly a site for students of Shih Tzu and interested fanciers,

 specifically Shih Tzu lovers. 



Our Shih Tzu are our family and our precious pets. 

All of our dogs live in our home. 

No dogs are penned or kenneled. 

Having an occasional litter is only for the express purpose of having something to show in the future 

or to advance our breeding program. 

The idea being  to ever improve and possibly achieve perfection; 

therefore the end result to better the breed.

 From time to time we may have a puppy who we will not be keeping for ourselves. 

Such a puppy will only be available to those on our existing waiting list. *


Our emphasis is on intelligence, cleanliness, health and longevity traits. 

We are available for consultation for the lifetime of our dogs. 


When we do place a dog we give a five year written health guarantee. 

 All of our dogs are sold as pets on spay neuter contracts. 


 We  have high standards for our prospective puppy home placements: 

References required; a personal reference and/or adoption interview is essential. 


For more information or to inquire if there is any room on our waiting list:

Please Contact Chris at: 520-260-0331

*Please note we are no longer actively breeding or showing. Sorry, we're not taking any puppy requests at this time.